The following links are for specifications being examined in the Summer of 2021.

Exam Board websites can change, so the links below take you to a Google search for each level, subject, exam board and code.

GCSE Art & Design (Fine Art) (9-1) AQA 8202
GCSE Art & Design (Graphic Communication) (9-1) AQA 8203
GCSE Art & Design (Photography) (9-1) AQA 8206
GCSE Business Studies (9-1) OCR J204
GCSE Computer Science (9-1) (2020) Edexcel 1CP1
GCSE D&T: Design and Technology (9-1) AQA 8552
GCSE D&T: Food Preparation and Nutrition (9-1) AQA 8585
GCSE Drama (9-1) AQA 8261
*GCSE English Language (9-1) AQA 8700
*GCSE English Literature (9-1) AQA 8702
GCSE French (9-1) AQA 8658
GCSE Geography B (Geography for Enquiring Minds) (9-1) OCR J384
GCSE German (9-1) AQA 8668
GCSE History A (9-1) OCR J410
GCSE Latin (9-1) WJEC C990PB
*GCSE Mathematics GCSE (9 – 1) Edexcel 1MA1
GCSE Music (9-1) Edexcel 1MU0
GCSE Physical Education (9-1) AQA 8582
*GCSE Religious Studies (9-1) OCR J625
*GCSE Science: Biology (9-1) AQA 8461
*GCSE Science: Chemistry (9-1) AQA 8462
*GCSE Science: Combined Science: Trilogy (9-1) AQA 8464
*GCSE Science: Physics (9-1) AQA 8463

A-Level Art (Fine Art) AQA 7202
A-Level Art (Graphic Communication) AQA 7203
A-Level Art (Photography) AQA 7206
A-Level Business Studies OCR H431
A-Level Classical Civilisation OCR H408
A-Level Computer Science OCR H446
A-Level D&T: Fashion and Textiles AQA 7562
A-Level D&T: Product Design AQA 7552
A-Level Drama & Theatre Studies AQA 7261
A-Level Economics OCR H460
A-Level English Language & Literature Edexcel 9EL0
A-Level English Literature OCR H472
EPQ Extended Project Qualification AQA 7993
A-Level French AQA 7652
A-Level Geography A OCR H481
A-Level German AQA 7662
A-Level History A OCR H505
A-Level Mathematics Edexcel 9MA0
A-Level Mathematics: Further Edexcel 9FM0
A-Level Music Edexcel 9MU0
A-Level Physical Education AQA 7582
A-Level Psychology AQA 7182
A-Level Religious Studies OCR H573
A-Level Science: Biology OCR H420
A-Level Science: Chemistry AQA 7405
A-Level Science: Physics Edexcel 9PH0

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