Component Results

Component Results – How To Apply

Please read this document before making any application for component results.

If you need to see your component marks (which are no longer listed for new qualifications) please see the instructions below.

So we do not delay candidates who need to see these results, please do not request these at this time if you are simply interested in seeing these – please wait until mid-September to apply.

Please note that any applications received before results days will be deleted.

The information required to apply for component results is;

Candidate Number
Candidate Name
The word “COMP” followed by award codes.

supplied in an email – for example, the candidate William Gibson, exam candidate number 1234, wishes to see their component results for H573 and 9EL0 – the email he sends would look like this;

If you do not submit an application formatted in this way, we will return your email asking you to do so.

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