Summer 2021 Results

Year 12 KSAS Examinations

Results for these examinations will be published before the end of the Summer 2021 term – date TBC.

Year 11 and Year 13 Public Examinations

Summer 2021 Results DfE Statement JCQ Statement

You should arrange to be in Peterborough on Results Day, and the days which follow it.

Any candidates who are unable to attend their results day should email the Examinations Officer as soon as possible, to discuss alternate methods of receiving their results.

Component Marks

If you need to see your component marks (which are no longer listed for new qualifications) please apply via email – see this page for details of how to apply.

So we do not delay candidates who need to see these results, please do not request these at this time if you are simply interested in seeing these – please wait until mid-September to do so.

Please note that any applications received before results days will be deleted.

GCE: Tuesday 24 August 2021

GCE results will be available for collection, from the Main Hall, between 08:00 and 12:00

Sixth Form staff will be available for you all for consultation on;

Tuesday 24 August 2021 AM and PM [TBC]
Wednesday 25 August 2021 AM [TBC]

We would like to see you all at some time on Thursday afternoon or on Friday, to discuss your individual situation, post-18 courses, or just to confirm that all is well.

During the collection of your results, you please speak to Sixth Form Administrator regarding destinations. You should not leave the school premises without doing so.

GCSE: Friday 27 August 2021

GCSE results will be available for collection, from the Main Hall, between 08:00 and 12:00.

You must confirm your Post-16 intentions at King’s or elsewhere on Friday 27 August 2021 before leaving the school premises.

If you are not in Peterborough, you must phone (01733 751 541) or email ( on Results Day to confirm your option choices.

If you need to speak to a member of staff regarding your option choices, please call the Main School number 01733 751 541 after 11:00BST on Friday 27 August 2021.

Members of staff will be available for consultation on the morning and afternoon of Friday 27 August 2021 and again on [TBC] between 09:30 and 12:30, for those students who require further advice about Post-16 courses.

Exam Boards

Awarding body web pages containing useful information about A-level and GCSE results.





Summer 2020 Results – Social Distancing

A-Level Thursday 13 August 2020
GCSE Thursday 20 August 2020

Main Foyer doors open at 08:00 for students to collect results but with the following social distancing provisions;

• Admittance is limited to the student and one parent
• Managed admittance from socially distanced queuing outside the Main Foyer
• Adherence to a one way system for entrance and exit, as well as inside the building

In this way, through following the one way system, students will be able to collect and open results before accessing Pastoral and other staff (as required) then exiting the school.

Due to the nature of limiting numbers inside the Main Hall, we would ask you to be prepared for some distanced queuing on the day.

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