Review of Marking – Appeals

If you wish to appeal the outcome of review of marking, you must complete all the following steps within 30 calendar days of the date on the outcome letter. Please bear in mind that, due to staff work patterns, weekends and Bank Holidays, you may not receive this letter until a number of days after it was issued to us – the 30 calendar days still start from the date on the outcome letter.

1 Email the Examinations Officer advising that you intend to make an appeal against the Review of Marking – please include your candidate number, full name and component code(s).

2 If you have not already done so, apply for a Photocopy of Reviewed Script as per the instructions here – use the service code REVIEWED SCRIPT. Please note the following deadline dates;

AQA you have 14 calendar days from the date on the outcome letter to apply for a Photocopy of Reviewed Script. There is no guaranteed turnaround time.

Edexcel you can apply anytime after the outcome is known – although there is final deadline date, the same as that for EAR2 applications (see Deadlines). Photocopies of reviewed scripts can take up to 20 working days for completion.

OCR you cannot apply for a Photocopy of Reviewed Script after the review has been completed – this has to be done at the same time you make your initial request for review. See “Notes on Photocopies of Reviewed Scripts” below.

WJEC you have 14 calendar days from the date on the outcome letter to apply for a Photocopy of Reviewed Script. WJEC claim that turnaround is immediate.

Ensure you have read the “Notes on Photocopies of Reviewed Scripts” below.

4 Request, from the Examinations Officer, a copy of the mark scheme.

5 Provide a written statement giving the full grounds for appeal – this must make reference to the copy of the reviewed script and mark scheme. You must submit this to the Examinations Officer via email. 

Please see this previous appeal outcome, as an example of the level of detail the awarding bodies look at when investigating an appeal.

6 Paid the fee of £150.00. If the awarding body uphold your appeal, this will be refunded in full.

Payment must have been made, and the Examinations Officer must have received the full written statement via email, by no later than midday on the 30th calendar day, as per the outcome letter.

If the 30 calendar day deadline falls on a weekend or Public Holiday, then the deadline will be the most recent working day (for example, if the deadline day was Sunday 22 September, you must have completed all the steps above by midday on Friday 20 September).

No teaching staff at the school are guaranteed to be available to help you with your application – the Examinations Officer can advise on the process of the appeal, but not its content.The school will not support an application for appeal, and will not make the appeal application on your behalf, if you have not followed all of the above steps.

If you miss the 30 calendar day deadline, either through your own inactions or because of delays caused by Awarding Bodies processes, we will not be able to make an appeal application on your behalf.

After completing all the above steps, the Examinations Officer will complete the appropriate paperwork and forward it, along with the written statement and any evidence provided, to the Awarding Body.

You will be advised of the outcome of the appeal, in an email the address from which the application came, when it is provided to the school.

If the appeal is not upheld, the school will not normally support any application for a stage two appeal.

Notes on Photocopies of Reviewed Scripts

A copy of reviewed script may contain evidence that could cause the appeal to fail.
If you do not have a photocopy of the reviewed script to use as evidence to support your full grounds of appeal, we can still (if the full grounds presented appear to justify it) appeal on your behalf.

If the appeal outlines evidence that would have been in the copy of reviewed script, and this causes your appeal to fail, you will still be liable, and the full fee will be payable.

Awarding Bodies Appeals


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