How to Apply for Post-Results

Please ensure you have read the sections Copies of Papers and/or Review of marking before applying.

The information required to apply for post-results is;

Candidate Number
Candidate Name
(Post-results service code, followed by component codes)

supplied in an email – for example, the candidate William Gibson, exam candidate number 1234, wishes to apply for an EAR2 service for components H573/01 and H573/02 andan ATS2 service for component 9EL0/03 – the email he sends would look like this;

You must submit codes for each component you wish to apply for – an application for an award code only will not be accepted. If an award has three components, and you want post-results services for all three components, an application must list these – for example H472 would require H472/01H472/02 and H472/03 codes submitting.

Please see this page for the full list of codes.

If you do not submit an application formatted in this way, we will return your email asking you to do so.

The Examinations Officer will then email you confirming the fee owed, and how to pay.

Please note that you will only be able to pay with cash or a cheque – unfortunately, we cannot accept payments via the online system.

Deadlines are absolute – i.e. Post-results services do not have any “late fees” – if you do not apply and pay by the deadline, we will not be able to make any application for you.

By applying for Post-results Services, and making payment, you give the Examinations Officer permission to apply to the Examinations Board(s) for your chosen post-results service(s). In Particular, you accept that an application for a review of marking can result in marks going up, down, or staying the same.

Click the “Apply for Post-Results” button below, to apply;

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