Private Entries; How to Apply


1 Make your application – the information required to apply for a Private Entry is;

Candidate Number
Candidate Name
Subject Codes
“Private Entry”

supplied in an email – for example, the candidate William Gibson, exam candidate number 1234, wishes to make a Private Entry for A-Level Biology (H420C) and A-Level Mathematics (9MA0) – the email he sends would look like this;

To make an application for a Private Entry more than one subject, just add the relevant code/s into the subject line – you do not need to enter your candidate number and name more than once.

2 Fees, and instructions for how to pay, will be confirmed via email.

3 Do not pay finance until we have confirmed fees to you.

4 The school is not obliged to offer reminders of non-payment – if you fail to pay, and miss any deadlines, you could be liable for further fees, or not be able to sit your exams at all.

5 Once you have paid, we will make your application – your examinations will appear on your individual candidate timetable;

• For ex-The King’s (The Cathedral) School students – we will email you a copy of your candidate timetable.
• For current The King’s (The Cathedral) School Students – if you complete your Private Entry application before candidate timetables are released to all students, they will appear on these timetables. If you complete your application after this, we will email you a new copy of your timetable.

6 If you do not receive this confirmation within five working days of payment, or by midday on the deadline date (whichever is sooner) you must get in touch immediately – an email will not suffice – you must speak directly with the Examinations Officer, or a member of staff within School.

7 You must check that the information in your candidate timetable is correct and, as above, contact the Examinations Officer immediately, if anything is incorrect.

8 If you miss any deadlines because you fail to follow any of these instructions, we cannot be held responsible for any errors or omissions – including failure to make entries. You may also be liable for further fees, or not be able to sit your exams at all

9 If you understand, and agree to, all of the above, please click the button below to email an application;

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