Subject Codes & Prices

Summer 2021 Subject Codes & Prices

You will be able to find the subject code on your statement of results – if you have never sat the award before, you will need the “syllabus” code for the relevant subject – see individual awarding body websites.

If this is a re-sit, you must sit the entire award again, you cannot re-sit individual components – none-examined assessment (NEA) components (sometimes referred to as “coursework” or “practicals”) will not be available for students to re-sit and these marks will be carried forward.

If you have never sat the award before, and it contains NEA components it is highly unlikely we will be able to offer you the chance to sit the award as a private candidate.

If the NEA component has changed since you originally sat your award, we may not be able to carry forward your original mark, and therefore will not be able accept you as a candidate.

Please make your application, as per How to Apply for a Private Entry and we will confirm final costs, and how to pay, via email.

See Deadlines and How to Apply for a Private Entry

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