New Applicants for September 2021 Entry

When known, we will update [GCSE results Date] and [day after GCSE Results Date] with actual dates.

The King’s (The Cathedral) School Sixth Form – New Applicants for September 2021 Entry

The information on this page is only for candidates who have not previously applied for a place in the Sixth Form, or who have applied but did not receive an offer in February 2021.

If you have previously applied for a place in the Sixth Form, and received an offer letter in February 2020 and returned the completed paperwork to us, you need to see this webpage

Applying for a place at The King’s (The Cathedral) School Sixth Form

All new applicants must complete the following three steps – see the sections below for full details;

Step 1 Check A-Level Entry Requirements

Step 2 Check Your Subject Choices Fit

Step 3 Email Application and Results

These steps must be completed fully before 10:00 on [day after GCSE Results Date]. Applications received after this are not guaranteed to be considered for a place in The King’s (The Cathedral) School Sixth Form.

Incomplete applications will not be accepted – amended re-applications must also meet the above deadline.

We will check your results and subject list, including your requested subject choices. We will email to let you know if we can confirm your place when this check has been completed by 16:00 on [day after GCSE Results Date]. If you have not heard by this time, please assume your application has been unsuccessful.

Step 1 Check A-Level Entry Requirements

You must check that you have met the entry requirements, as outlined below;

• Students may be admitted to the Sixth Form if they have obtained the relevant academic entry requirements.

• To qualify for entry to The King’s School Sixth Form, all students need to meet the following criteria:

• To have passed at least seven full subjects at grades 9 – 5 in their GCSE examinations (or equivalent) including three at grade 6 or above.

• Please note that an individual subject cannot count for more than two GCSEs.

• Individual subject entry requirements are listed below – full criteria document here

• An interactive Eligibility Tool is available here [TBC]

Step 2 Check Your Subject Choices Fit

Your subject choices must fit the following groups (clashes cannot be accommodated) – you can only choose one subject per group, up to a maximum of three choices (Mathematics & FM, whilst two A-level subjects, counts as one option choice);

[September 2021 Option Blocks still to be confirmed]

Step 3 Email Application and Results

Please note, we will not accept any hard-copy / paper documentation – applications and copies of results must be submitted via email.

Submit, to the email address at the bottom of this page, your personal details (Step 3.1) and your results (Step 3.2);

Step 3.1 Personal Details

Legal First Name(s)
Legal Surname(s) 
Date of Birth (dd/mm/yy) 
Gender (male / female) 

Parent(s)/Carer(s) Full Name(s)
Relationship to applicant 

Address Line 1
Address Line 2
Address Line 3
Address Line 4

Does the applicant live at this address (yes / no)

Daytime telephone number
Evening telephone number
Mobile phone number

Email address (if different from the one used to submit this application)

Current School/College
Date attended present school from
Date attended present school to
Name of Present Headteacher

Option A subject choice
Option B subject choice
Option C subject choice
Option D subject choice

Please indicate “no choice” as appropriate.

Step 3.2 Results

The results you send us must be your GCSE results, as provided to your school by the Awarding Bodies. We will not accept Centre Assessed Grades for entry into the Sixth Form.

Include with the 3.1 Personal Details email, an electronic copy of your official school results.

The electronic copy could be either a scan or photograph of your results sheet, but if is a photograph, it must be clear and legible.

Your scanned copy of results must include;

• your full legal name
If you used a chosen name to apply to the Sixth Form, your email must make clear what this name was.

• your UCI (Unique Candidate Identifier)
This is a 13 character code – 12 numbers with 1 letter – if your results scan does not include this, please ask the Examinations Officer at your school to provide you with this. Do not delay sending us your results to get this number, but please be aware we will need this from you. If you studied at an Independent School, and have not had a UCI issued, please indicate this in your email.

• your results information, including the level and subject title and result
Please indicate in your email any results that are not full course GCSE’s – for instance, you and your school may know that “BT2” is a “BTEC Level 2 Diploma”, but we may not.

An example of GCSE results scan is below;

After completing steps 1 and 2, please send all information as requested in step 3, to;

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