Art Practicals Examinations

2020 2021 Art Practicals Examinations

The following dates have been booked for Art practical exams and rooms, resources and staff allocated;

All sessions in rooms 060, 061 and 062

Year 11 GCSE


Year 13 GCE


Please note that these dates are not flexible, and are to be treated exactly like any other exam you may sit.

Should you be unable to attend any of the booked dates, you must contact MDD immediately, and proof (i.e. medical) of your absence supplied, as soon as possible.

For any unsubstantiated absences, a charge may be made to you – this will not only have to cover your entry, but also any room and staffing costs incurred.

Please also note the following regulations;

• On each practical date, you must arrive by 08:35 to start set-up. Start of the practical will be at 09:00 and finish at 15:40 – a total of 5 hours per day.

• Art practical exams are conducted as per any other examination – there will be NO internet or intranet access during the practical exams and no personal electronic equipment (iPod, mobile phone, etc.) is allowed in the exam – you must hand these in to a member of Invigilation staff.

• Digital Resources;

Any digital resources that you require for your practical MUST be submitted on a USB memory stick to Mrs Taylor at least one day before your first practical.

You will not be able to access any other digital resources once the practical has started.

The USB memory stick must be handed in at the end of each practical session, to be stored securely in the Art department.

Only resources required for the practical must be present on the USB memory stick – no music files, etc.

• You will have full access to all the programmes (Word, Photoshop, Publisher, etc.) you may need to complete your practical.

You will only be able to access software as provided by the Art Department, on the PC or Apple Macintosh computers.

You will not be allowed to bring in your own computing equipment, or use software run from external devices.

You must hand in all preparatory work at the start of the exam, but you will have access to your preparatory work during the supervised sessions.

Should you have any queries regarding this process, please speak to the Head of Art as soon as possible.

Food and drink is allowed in Art examinations – but must be kept on the floor, and not on any surfaces where candidate work is stored or being worked on. Accidental spillages could cause art work to be damaged beyond repair or destroyed, and this must be avoided at all costs.

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