Calculators; Examination Mode

Calculators – Examination Mode

Under JCQ Exam Regulations “new” style calculators (such as the Casio fx-CG20 / fx-CG50) must be set in “Examination Mode” before being brought into any exam room.

It is the candidates responsibility to ensure that their calculator can be put into Examination Mode, and is in Examination Mode, before entering any exam room.

If during an examination, your calculator is found to not be set in “Examination Mode” it will be taken from you – no replacement will be given.

You will also be reported to the Awarding Body, and the normal practice in these circumstances is to award zero marks for the examination, and you could be disqualified from all of your examination subjects.

Please see below for instructions on how to turn your calculator on to “Examination Mode”;

01 Make sure your calculator is switched off.

02 Hold down the “1” and “,” keys

03 Whilst continuing to hold these keys, press the AC/ON button, until you see the screen that says “Enter Examination Mode 2?”;

Examination Mode 2 is the name for UK Examination Mode~

04 Press F1

05 When you see the screen that says “How to exit Examination Mode is explained in Link App”, press F2;

06 When you see the screen that says “This examination mode is not allowed for IB” press F1

07 Your calculator will now enter UK Examination Mode;

your screen will now have a magenta border, and a flashing R symbol in the top right;

When successfully completed, the border of the screen will be magenta, and an “R” will be visible in the top right hand side of the display.

Note: Your calculator must have OS version 3.30 or higher for this to work – see this webpage for full instructions.

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